28th april

more over today an unexpected function came out . due to my aunts daughter. nice get together . enjoyed with all small kids of my relatives. but not yet following my short term decisions…….


not yet working on short term decisions . violating them every day

Short term decisions

1.weighing 90 kg want to lessen my weight. 2.should get 80% in this semester. 3. No one should get hurt due to my behaviour or talking. For seeing very easy but very hard to follow i will try level best to improve myself and i write my improvement day by day

my creativity

coutry photo

Mine favourite

in vizag

April 6

April 6

april 5

life going borely, but enjoying huge affection from the family, thats giving a huge relief , but fearing to whom should i be freindly, iam not the old person , no one wants me, i am just a joker and a person who cant do anything , i also just talking about the rubbish , but trying to come back……………